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Western European drug packaging material manufacturers strictly control the quality

it is reported that the drug packaging material manufacturers in Western European countries can carry out experimental control on the product quality only after this, which is generally controlled according to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia. Not only caused agricultural production reduction

enterprises generally have complete self inspection capabilities, and usually adopt batch inspection rather than sampling inspection to implement process management and terminal control of drug packaging products. The governments of Western European countries have not made mandatory provisions on the purification requirements of drug packaging material manufacturers. However, in view of the extensive contact between drug packaging materials and drugs, enterprises have turned the total quality control of the production of medicinal products into conscious action. No matter the understanding of the quality assurance system, or the final commissioning and optimization of all links of the production line before the formal production, the standardized implementation of SOP is all in perfect detail

for controversial products, such as PVC infusion soft bags, Western European enterprises have taken the way of restricting the use of drugs in combination with the use of drugs, that is, in the product manual or in the product performance introduction, they clearly give the tips of what drugs can not be added to PVC infusion soft bags in clinical use. This has played an effective control over edhp in PVC infusion soft bags and other factors that affect the quality of drugs, including eccentric wheels, sensors and control cabinets

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