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On March, 2019, the 20th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition), which the manufacturing industry is looking forward to, kicked off at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. After a brilliant performance at the China International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition, the Western Horse continued to be extremely popular at the 2019 Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition

Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition is a professional exhibition with the largest scale, the highest technical content, the widest range of categories and the best demonstration effect in the field of manufacturing equipment in South China. It comprehensively displays the intelligent manufacturing technology and innovative achievements of the whole industrial chain of metal processing, including automobiles, communications, consumer electronics, home appliances, molds, office equipment, medical devices, new energy, such exotic materials as glasses The preferred platform for jewelry and other industries to understand the most cutting-edge manufacturing technology

in this exhibition, Xiren machongbang launched a full range of products and solutions, including self-developed high-temperature acceleration sensor, ultra micro acceleration sensor, temperature vibration integrated sensor, general acceleration sensor, and intelligent mechanical solution - mechanical fault diagnosis system

with the help of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, high-tech industries such as industrial interconnection and IOT have entered the fast lane, and intelligent manufacturing has become the theme of the times. Xirenma joint measurement and control is a provider of R & D, manufacturing and sales of high-end sensors and MEMS chips, as well as IOT sensing system solutions based on advanced sensors and MEMS modules. We always focus on the development of sensor related technologies, including advanced material technology, advanced chip technology, advanced sensor processor and algorithm technology, and are committed to providing high accuracy measurement standards and scientific and reasonable devices and methods for the calibration, verification and type identification of fatigue testing machines through original high reliability, so as to help more enterprises enter the era of intelligence

in the industrial field, Western Mali uses its advanced sensors, artificial intelligence and other related technologies to provide upgrading solutions for traditional manufacturing enterprises, empower more traditional manufacturing enterprises, build intelligent manufacturing industry, and lead the development trend of intelligent manufacturing industry. The smart mechanical solution of the star product exhibited by Western Horse this time collects sensitive signals during the operation of mechanical equipment through special sensors, uses corresponding software to analyze and calculate, and generates criteria that can be used to judge the state of mechanical equipment, so as to prevent abnormal state of mechanical equipment from causing work accidents, reduce losses, and effectively help solve the pain points of traditional manufacturing enterprises, Many attracted exhibitors expressed their hope to carry out in-depth cooperation with Western horses

through this exhibition, xirenma showed its customers the application of xirenma sensor and mechanical fault diagnosis system in the automation of mechanical industry, and received high attention and recognition from the majority of exhibitors. In the future, the types of equipment used in different fields in the West will be different. The people's army will not forget its original intention, continue to innovate, empower the industry, and continue to create value for customers

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