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Western drilling company and Kuwait RMC signed a cooperation agreement

on June 13, Kuwait RMC executive director Lao e Ibrahim visited western drilling company and signed a cooperation agreement between the two sides

At the signing meeting, Lu huaiqiang, director of the International Cooperation Department of western drilling company, introduced the basic situation, equipment status, characteristic technology and development strategy of the company. Laue Ibrahim introduced the objective, purpose, customer situation, cooperation fields, Kuwait's oil reserves and production, the development prospect of Kuwait National Oil Company, and the entry mechanism and working mechanism of petroleum engineering technical services introduced by Linko

both sides discussed the issues and specific details involved in the cooperation. Graphene nanocomposites can be used in almost all uses of traditional polymer materials. A cooperation agreement was reached on the acquisition of western drilling qualification and future market development

Lu huaiqiang and Laue Ibrahim signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties respectively. All Chinese operation

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