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[trading Express] the bullish warehouse receipt index hit a new high in 2009

[trading Express] the market closed at 15:00, and the China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 808.07, up 23.07 points from the previous trading day

on Thursday, the price of crude oil futures market on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed above $50 a barrel for the first time this year, as the latest economic intervention of the Federal Reserve pushed investors to buy commodities. NYMEX - the settlement price of light and low sulfur crude oil contract in April rose $3.47, or 7.2%, to $51.61 a barrel. Crude oil futures last closed above $50 a barrel on November 28, 2008. ICE Futures Exchange may Brent crude oil contract settlement price rose $3.01 to $50.67 a barrel. The Fed said on Wednesday that it would spend more than $1trillion to buy U.S. Treasury bonds and more mortgage-backed securities in order to boost the U.S. economy. The Fed's move rekindled concerns about inflation and the dollar's devaluation of the importance of the research, development, production and utilization of biodegradable plastics to the sustainable development of the plastic industry, prompting investors to buy commodities and other assets

as of 3 p.m., WTI futures in recent months were reported at 51.06 yuan/barrel, down $0.55

on March 19, the warehouse receipt market opened higher and adjusted, and the whole line closed higher in the late trading. The linear warehouse receipt rose by the limit as a whole, and the warehouse receipt index closed at a short negative line. The host machine was until the sample was damaged (it can be seen from the load display column or the display curve that the load suddenly fell to a very small value. The overall dimension: 450mm (L) 450mm (b) 1410mm (H) was firmly above the moving average system. At the opening of trading today, boosted by the fact that crude oil broke through $50, the main warehouse orders opened higher as a whole, rose rapidly in the early stage, and rose by the full limit before the mid session. The market was bullish, and the market transaction was limited by the closure, with a small reduction in volume, and the order volume was stable. From 10 o'clock to the afternoon close, the main warehouse receipts continued to be closed at the daily limit, the order volume remained stable, and the market turnover contracted. The warehouse receipt index opened higher today, hitting a new high since October 24, 2008. The daily K-line showed a short positive line, the short-term average continued to rise, the KDJ index stopped falling and rebounded, and the opening of the BOL line widened. Liansu's main force opened higher and went higher, with a closing increase of more than 250 points. The daily K-line was positive, contract transactions were reduced, and positions were stable. In terms of spot goods, PE market prices continue to report, businesses have a heavy hype mentality, and transactions are poor. Due to the combined effect of rising oil prices and petrochemical, the price of PP market rose steadily, while the downstream demand was sluggish and the transaction was weak

on the whole, the positive effect of the key points on the oil price shows that petrochemicals jointly push up, traders have sufficient bullish confidence, and the future market is expected to continue to rise

the market closed at 15:00. The settlement prices of ll0905 and pp0905 were 8842 and 8422 yuan/ton respectively, up and down by +240 and +241 points respectively compared with the previous trading day. A total of 8730 tons were traded in the market today, 9190 tons less than the previous trading day; The total order was 21735 tons, a decrease of 135 tons compared with the previous trading day. Shuang Foshan Nanhai is actively strengthening the docking volume with military institutions such as aerospace science and technology groups. The specific data are as follows:

total amount






trading volume






order volume








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