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The trading was gloomy and sluggish, PTA or weak shock

Zhengzhou PTA futures fluctuated widely on the 20th, and the weak closed down. The main contract 1205 closed at 8684 yuan/ton, down 12 yuan/ton. Macroeconomic performance is weak, domestic economic growth is slowing, and there is a lack of information, especially good news guidance in China. Although the downstream textile demand is still weak, it has rebounded slightly in recent days, so in the near future, the delivery and feeding of the spot market will be maintained. The trapezoidal arrangement of the two main light bars is expected that Zheng PTA will maintain a volatile market in the near future

on the 20th, the crude oil price of New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures reversed the decline of two consecutive trading days. The main crude oil contract in May on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 78 cents on Friday to close at $103.05 a barrel, or 0.8%. The business confidence index of the Ifo Institute in Germany unexpectedly rose to 109.9 points in April. Coupled with the news that many countries have promised to inject capital into the International Monetary Fund to help combat the debt crisis in the euro zone, it is too early for the region to say that the industry has fully recovered, and the economic outlook has improved. The rise of the euro against the US dollar has supported the futures prices of a variety of commodities, including crude oil

therefore, in the downstream, the production and sales of Jiangsu and Zhejiang POY continue to operate at a low level, and the mainstream is mostly in the future. FDY and DTY are still good, mostly in the form, and locally higher in%. Xiaoshao polyester market and even some venture capital institutions have made it clear that they are willing to invest funds to expand the production range of copper alloy new materials, and the price increases of enterprises are relatively concentrated on FDY and DTY; POY market is basically stable; The polyester Market in Zhangjiagang, Wuxi has a stable focus, and the transaction volume is preferential

in the spot market, the PTA Market in East China is temporarily stable. The market offer price is about yuan/ton, the offer price is about yuan/ton, and the negotiation price is estimated to be around yuan/ton. The PTA Market of Meijin pan is dominated by consolidation. The quotation price of Meijin pan Taiwan product source is around 1180 US dollars/ton, the delivery price is about US dollars/ton, and the negotiation price is expected to be about 1170 US dollars/ton; The offer price of Korean products is about 1170 US dollars/ton, and the offer price is around us dollars/ton. It is estimated that the negotiation price is about 1165 US dollars/ton

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