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The Dalian Commodity Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "the Dalian Commodity Exchange") and the China Petrochemical Association will jointly host the "2009 China Plastics Industry Conference" to measure the depth of indentation from June 27 to 28 in Hangzhou. Judging from the time of the meeting, there is basically no suspense about the listing and trading of PVC futures between mid and late May and early June

at present, with the spread of the global financial crisis and its impact on the real economy, great changes have taken place in the international and domestic petrochemical market, especially in the plastic industry. The petrochemical industry enterprises are particularly different, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises are in a difficult situation. Under this situation, how can the upstream and downstream plastic related enterprises use futures as a market risk management tool to guide their operations and avoid risks, How to combine the plastic industry, a traditional industry, with futures, a modern financial tool, and seek new development opportunities is an important topic worthy of study

the organizers of the meeting hope to further reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal through this meeting, promote the integration of industry and futures market, build a high-level multi-party communication platform for relevant government departments, industry associations, and enterprises related to the plastic industry chain, and discuss the crisis response of spot Enterprises and the new development path of petrochemical industry under the background of petrochemical futures market development and financial crisis

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