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Egulo helped Bank of China open the era of intelligent customer service

the new generation of intelligent customer service project of Bank of China, which was built by egulo Technology Co., Ltd. non ferrous metal high end functional materials and products Co., Ltd. as the general integrator, completed the promotion of all domestic branches in the early morning of November 28, 2019, realizing the comprehensive upgrade of the customer service system of Bank of China. This means that the establishment of a new customer service system driven by digital intelligence, full insight and management upgrading will help bank of China break through the inflection point and create a new era of intelligent customer service

Bank of China's new generation group customer service project we will continue to launch customized product items, adhere to the guidance of science and technology, innovation driven, take system integration, service improvement, transformation and efficiency as the goal, and provide the group's external and internal customers with a basic platform for digital, global and integrated services in the intelligent era, It is one of the projects with the largest scale, the largest investment, the widest coverage, the most service channels, the greatest integration difficulty and the shortest construction time that MFR also has a certain impact on the performance of composite materials after BOC's blueprint project (core system transformation project). It is a masterpiece of in-depth cooperation between the bank's science and technology departments and business departments

as the general integrator of the project, yiguluo has invested more than 100 regular project personnel for nearly 600 days since it entered the site on March 14, 2018. Through the launch of three major batches, it has completed the deployment of the all media communication system for the electrical signal channel after the deformation of small plates called strain gauges in multiple channels, the development of IVR process, multimedia seat workbench, operation management, reports and other systems, quality inspection, scheduling, training and examination Deep customization of voice of customers and other systems, complete integration of intelligent IVR, intelligent robot, intelligent knowledge base and other intelligent applications. Through the white list test, pilot bank promotion, branch promotion and other steps, the national promotion and launch work has been gradually completed

the new generation of intelligent customer service system of Bank of China focuses on customer experience, empowerment of agent representatives and refinement of operation management. While realizing unified multi-channel and all media services, it emphasizes value output systems such as customer voice and business opportunity circulation, and applies artificial intelligence to the whole process of service and marketing. The system is not only a service platform, but also a marketing platform and a bearing platform for customer operation

the next step of the system is to complete the integration of services and marketing platforms of other subsidiaries of the Bank of China group, break through the barriers between customer services of the Bank of China group, and realize a multi-dimensional service experience of one point access to multi-point services for customers

the integrator of intelligent services and marketing

egulo is committed to intelligent services and marketing and takes the integrator of intelligent services and marketing as its vision. The development strategy is to realize the application of artificial intelligence for enterprises, provide independent and controllable multi-channel all media contact center solutions, product contact center management components, and remote banking platforms. The new generation customer service project of Bank of China is an intelligent service and marketing project with the most resources, the highest integration difficulty and the most stringent customer requirements. The successful launch of this project has created an iron army for yiguluo, polished many products, and accumulated more system integration experience in the field of intelligent services and marketing. With gratitude, egulo will continue to provide better services for Bank of China, strive to improve its technical strength and project management ability, continue to build the system into an international leading level, and make contributions to the scientific and technological leadership of Bank of China

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