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E-commerce and industry docking lengthen the "short leg" of the coating industry

e-commerce and industry docking lengthen the "short leg" of the coating industry

August 25, 2011

[China coating information] in recent years, as the coating industry is faced with rising raw material prices, a substantial increase in labor costs, and the emergence of new formulas and new processes, most enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the degree of production automation. The original extensive production The operation and sales mode is far from meeting the requirements of enterprises. At the same time, the channel competition is becoming more and more cruel, and it is urgent to adopt a new channel model. This requires the traditional coating industry to comply with the development and reform of the times, strengthen the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and implement industrial upgrading

at present, every industry in China is promoting industrial upgrading and transformation, making full use of information technology to upgrade and transform traditional industries. Therefore, as a traditional industry, the coating industry cannot fall behind, and relying on information technology innovation has become one of the most direct and effective means to optimize and upgrade the traditional coating industry. It is understood that in the traditional coating industry, the most lacking is information technology. At present, the utilization of information technology in the coating industry is relatively low. Even if it is used, it is still a sporadic part, which has not been fully rolled out. The use of information technology for business management and sales is still relatively backward. "Information technology" has become a "short leg" in the upgrading of the traditional coating industry, which to a certain extent affects the sustainable development of the industry. Therefore, how should you pay attention that your tears can lengthen the "short legs" of the traditional coating industry? Innovation, embedded in the development of "information technology core", undoubtedly e-commerce has become one of the best choices for coating enterprises

e-commerce came into being under the background of highly developed information technology and rapid development of global network economy. In the future, e-commerce will be the main development mode under global economic integration. Since the opening of China's first e-commerce station in 1997, e-commerce has developed rapidly with its efficiency and convenience, and has developed rapidly from the embryonic stage to the high-speed growth stage. With the development of information technology, e-commerce is presented to people in a new way. Although the foam has made the development of e-commerce suffer a great impact, no matter from which perspective, e-commerce is developing steadily

as more and more enterprises realize the importance of network for enterprise production and management, e-commerce has become a new type of transaction. Many enterprises have changed the traditional business model and take the new transaction model of e-commerce as the main channel to gain competitive advantage in the future. Coating enterprises are naturally involved in the trend of e-commerce. First of all, at present, the production and marketing of coating enterprises in China is still dominated by the traditional mode. It is necessary to integrate the traditional marketing mode and mode through networking production and sales, improve the core competitiveness and corporate image of the enterprise, and expand the reputation and influence of the enterprise. Secondly, the Internet not only provides an information platform for coating enterprises to promote, but also can communicate and provide services through the network platform in the whole coating industry, from raw material procurement to the use of coating end users, so as to more effectively promote the development of the coating industry chain. Thirdly, with the rapid increase of residents' income and purchasing power, people's consumption concepts and preferences have undergone tremendous changes, Change extruder from mass consumption to differential consumption "Kutta said that as an important processing equipment, consumer preference has changed from the primary stage to the advanced stage, and from the original common consumption to individual consumption. Therefore, personalized market demand has changed the traditional mode of mass production. Therefore, networked e-commerce has brought great impact and challenge to the traditional marketing strategy and market concept, and is profoundly affecting the business and operation practice of enterprises.

nowadays, the scale of Chinese people It reached 457million, with more than 148million buyers in China. Online shopping has become the fastest-growing Internet application, with a transaction scale of 523.1 billion yuan, an increase of 97.3% year-on-year. In the rapid development of China's e-commerce, Jingdong Mall, VANCL, Qumei, Taobao and other enterprises that have successfully leveraged the e-commerce platform have emerged

for the traditional coating industry, e-commerce has just started. The vigorous development of China's e-commerce industry has had a great impact on China's coating industry. Many coating manufacturers have opened online shopping malls. It is understood that huazibu, one of the important successful manufacturers that opened Taobao flagship store, has shown a new development track to the outside world with its famous brands ficot paint and magic paint. Online product retail operators and offline physical store retail operators have formed the mainstream force to feel the terminal throat of manufacturing enterprises. Make ficot brand and magic paint brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, most domestic coating manufacturers still maintain the original operation mode and channel construction mode. At present, the traditional large-scale coating manufacturers can not completely get rid of the traditional sales channels and channels, such as instructing military products to conduct environmental experiments. GJB150 - the national military standard of the people's Republic of China "military equipment environmental experiment method" is directly dependent on, but they are afraid that they have not kept up with the trend of e-commerce, Therefore, the current development of e-commerce in the coating market can only be said to be an experimental stage carried out in a small area

on the one hand, the future of China's coating industry will benefit from the development and improvement of e-commerce, and the whole business process will be more economic and scientific. On the other hand, e-commerce is an important birthplace of creating business miracles. We expect more brand strategic operators like Wordsworth to become dazzling pearls in the coating industry

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