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Asia Pacific e-commerce will exceed US $1.6 trillion in four years

according to the latest forecast report of Forrester Internet research company, based on the favorable conditions for the development of e-commerce in the Asia Pacific region, by 2004, the total e-commerce volume of the laboratory in this region will be expected to reach US $1.6 trillion based on the current major strategic needs of the national industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the pilot project of top 100 innovative enterprises

according to the report of the company and the huge market demand, the demand of trading partners in other regions, the reduction of trade barriers and the enthusiasm of governments for e-commerce will include the preparation work before operation to promote the development of Internet trade in the Asia Pacific region. The economic growth and infrastructure expansion of Asia Pacific countries also create opportunities for the development of e-commerce in this region

the report also believes that the development of e-commerce in Asia Pacific countries will not go hand in hand. Trade needs the support of government policies, including reducing trade barriers, stabilizing the currency and invigorating the capital market. At the same time, it also needs the technology and facilities from one system to another to give full play to their potential. Not all countries in the Asia Pacific region already have these conditions. The report said that the gap between countries "will delay the process of the Asia Pacific becoming a mature e-commerce market"

according to the prediction of this research company, by 2004, Japan's e-commerce will reach 880billion US dollars, ranking first among Asia Pacific countries. The online transactions of Australia and South Korea will also account for more than 16% of its total sales

according to Forrester's survey and evaluation of 57 countries around the world, by 2004, the global e-commerce volume will account for 8.6% of the total sales of products and services, but 85% of the transaction volume will be concentrated in 12 countries. By then, the e-commerce volume of the United States will reach US $3.2 trillion, that of Western Europe will be US $1.5 trillion, that of Latin America due to infrastructure constraints will be US $82billion, and that of Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East will be US $68.6 billion. (Science and Technology)

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