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E-commerce has helped instrument and meter enterprises launch a marketing war. In 2012, it can be said that the global economic environment has continued to walk in the "weak" stage. And the domestic economy will be more or less affected by the world economy. Many grass-roots industries, especially many domestic manufacturing industries, have deeply realized this. However, under such a big environment, China's instrument industry has opened up the domestic market to stimulate domestic demand, opened up a new development path in the manufacturing industry, and become a "unique" high-speed development industry

according to statistics, the total industrial output value of the instrument and meter industry in China totaled 487.66 billion yuan in December 2012, a year-on-year increase of 16.29%; The sales output value reached 473.783 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.24%

In the month of

, the growth rate of total industrial output value and industrial sales output value of 19 sub industries subordinate to the instrument industry was quite different. Among them, the production and sales growth rate of special instruments for geological exploration and earthquake, and for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery exceeded 30%, and there were about 5500 enterprises in the whole industry like boruilian technology

the above transcripts are far from being realized by traditional marketing. It is precisely because the instrument industry was the first to catch the fast train of Internet marketing in the manufacturing industry that it developed rapidly

Internet e-commerce helps enterprises quickly break through technical bottlenecks and realize technological innovation and upgrading. This emerging trading tool, e-commerce, is used to broaden the current sales channels of enterprises, improve the business environment, optimize and activate the entire industrial chain, actively integrate into the transaction mode of interconnection, make use of interconnection and e-commerce to expand the business of replacing metal with composite materials, and the instrument and meter industry in e-commerce has really tasted the sweetness

instrumentation is a modern high-tech industry. All developed countries in the world attach importance to the development of instrumentation industry. All developed countries regard instrumentation as their priority industry. With the development of modern industry, modern instruments and meters, especially intelligent instruments and systems, have become necessary tools for transforming traditional industries, improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, comprehensive utilization of raw materials, prolonging the life of production devices, ensuring product quality, realizing environmental protection, ensuring safe operation, saving energy and consumption, realizing information management, optimizing control strategies, etc, It plays a very important role in promoting industrial modernization and improving the comprehensive level of the national economy

China's instrumentation industry is a high-speed and stable development industry. Due to the national attention and support, China's instrumentation and measurement control have made gratifying achievements and achieved great development in recent years. Today, with the increasingly fierce competition in advertising and search engine ranking on the integrated platform, some instrument enterprises are turning to more professional industry stations, that is, the vertical line industry stations of the instrument industry

from the perspective of the entire instrument industry and with the arrival of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's instrument industry will also enter a high-speed development stage. Through the wide application of network marketing, especially e-commerce, China's instrument industry has finally found a good way for the development of this most traditional industry. It is believed that in the near future, traditional small and medium-sized enterprises in the instrumentation industry such as Barry Shun will follow the society and the public will pay more attention to the hot door industry, which will flow into the army of network marketing and even open up the e-commerce market. At the same time, I also believe that Internet marketing will gradually mature in the instrument industry and even the whole China

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