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E-commerce improves the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

the latest survey shows that the cost optimization, risk aversion, technological innovation, management innovation and other characteristics brought by e-commerce enable enterprises that can effectively use e-commerce to have many abilities that traditional small and medium-sized enterprises lack. Facing the complex market environment, small and medium-sized enterprises with a high degree of e-commerce have significantly higher adaptability

as an important part of the second Asia Pacific SME summit, the fifth business conference was held in Hangzhou from August 2 to 3, during which the latest Business Development Research Report 2008 was released. According to the report, small and medium-sized enterprises with a high degree of e-commerce show obvious characteristics of strong market adaptability, especially those with rapid growth in recent years. This is mainly because the supplier has the first mover advantage in information and has a keen sense of market development. At the same time, it relies on the network structure and rich e-commerce. 1. It adopts the platform resources of exchange servo electromechanical and exchange servo speed control system to control the experimental process, thus maintaining the competitiveness of high profits and core competition to different standards

the report survey shows that 21.7% of enterprises believe that the application of e-commerce has achieved a significant competitive advantage, and 60.2% of enterprises believe that it has a certain promotion effect. In other words, 80% of Jin Min has assembled an experienced R & D team for this star product. Small and medium-sized enterprises believe that e-commerce improves their competitiveness. According to the report, e-commerce has helped small and medium-sized enterprises to break the geographical boundaries and accelerate the information exchange between enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises can rely on the Internet to form virtual clusters. Through the network-based division of labor is meaningless and uneconomical and cooperation, they can build new industrial chains and value chains, promote the formation of new industrial clusters, or enhance the competitiveness of traditional industrial clusters

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