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The development trend of drug packaging decoration design


drug packaging decoration design should have scientific characteristics, which is in line with the requirements of the development of the times. It includes two aspects: on the one hand, it should reflect that science and technology serve the design. The adoption of new scientific and technological achievements and new design methods can make art design produce new images, so as to promote the transformation of aesthetic views. Proportion of packaging and decoration of drugs: 1.2 ⑴ 26g/cm design should make full use of contemporary scientific and technological achievements and adopt the latest technological means, so as to create drug packaging that is synchronized with the times and accepted by the public. On the other hand, the design itself should have scientific convenience, which is the requirement of appropriately reducing the breakpoint ratio value to protect the interests of consumers. It is a principle that should be followed both in the use of drugs and the packaging itself. For example, order No. 23 of the State Drug Administration strictly stipulates the text content of drug packaging. The designer is required to reasonably adjust the font, size and spacing of the allowed words according to the size of the package, and pay attention to the detailed treatment of the design, so that the medical staff and users can easily read, so that some highlighted and key propaganda words are obvious, and the measured elongation value is clear. It can be seen that the scientific and reasonable arrangement of words and graphics is also the focus of drug packaging decoration design


with the progress of the times, people's appreciation of beauty is also improving. Different times reflect different aesthetic characteristics. Modern packaging and decoration design should conform to the aesthetic views of the times and create works with modern beauty and healthy beauty. The decoration design of drug packaging has long been lack of creativity. Simple geometric figures and mechanical misappropriation of the image of Chinese herbal medicine have become a set. The packaging and decoration design of drugs should not only be a stylized process, but also the embodiment of artistic form. We should not only absorb the essence from traditional culture, but also reflect the characteristics of modern design, so as to create a rich and colorful form of packaging design, so as to reflect the connotation of packaging design


with the development of global economic integration, the global circulation of various commodities has become a trend, and drugs are no exception. As a packaging and decoration design to promote the sale of drugs, there is still a gap in adaptive design between China and foreign countries, such as the use of safety tips for children and the elderly, the general lack of Chinese and English in the text arrangement, and the deviation in the understanding of color. Different nations and countries that can be displayed on the screen; Different cultural characteristics and social backgrounds will make drug users have different preferences and perceptions, and then affect their consumption psychology. In order to meet these needs, the decoration design of drug packaging should also change the design thinking in a timely manner. While adapting to domestic consumption, we should also consider adapting to the appreciation habits of foreign consumers, and design packaging that is common both at home and abroad

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