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South Korea and Japan lowered the PVC dollar price

after VCM fell sharply to 3903 again, the extension scoring accelerated, and the development of extension meters in key areas was the sensor that felt the deformation of the test piece. Under the pull of USD/t, Japan and South Korea were no longer able to support huge inventories and weak exports for a long time. In the past two days, Japanese trading houses first announced to reduce the export price of TK series. In the past two days, Itochu has sold 2000 tons of tk-1000 in East and South China, with the lowest transaction price of $530/t and $540/t, and the shipment period of l/c. However, as of yesterday, many importers wanted to confirm that the order of 540 US dollars/t was no longer available, and Japan announced the temporary suspension of sales. Maintain the price of $540/t, but no goods are sold

the PVC head of LG headquarters in South Korea paid another secret visit to East Guangdong. The purpose of this visit is to understand the purchase intention of PVC importers in East Guangdong and the market situation in East Guangdong, and to understand the production status of special materials in several large plate factories and product factories in East Guangdong

in recent week, PVC importers in southern China have widely heard that LG secretly reduced the price of ls-100d to USD/t after only a few months, but Korean trading houses have not officially announced this price. The PVC importer in East Guangdong has a transaction intention of USD/t, but it has not been confirmed by LG about BASF Greater China

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