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Analyze the development trend of welding technology

the definition of welding: welding is a processing method that uses heating or pressurization, or heating and pressurization, to connect two pieces of metal together and form a non removable permanent connection with or without filler metal

development trend of welding technology 1. Improving welding productivity is an important driving force to promote the development of welding technology. There are two ways to improve productivity: first, improve the welding deposition rate, such as three wire submerged arc welding, with process parameters of 220a/33v, 1400a40v and 1100a45v respectively. The groove section is small, and the baffle or liner is set behind it. The steel plate of 50~60mm can be welded through and formed at one time. The welding speed can reach more than 0.4m/min, and its deposition rate is more than 100 times higher than that of electrode arc welding. The second way is to reduce the groove section and metal deposition favored by the market. The most prominent achievement in recent ten years is narrow gap welding. Narrow gap welding is based on gas shielded welding, using single wire, double wire and three wire welding, such as door panel integration module, roof window frame/batten, bumper, car luggage rack, car battery shell/bracket, car seat frame, gearbox shell, car exterior mirror frame, car wiper support, etc. regardless of the joint thickness, butt joint can be adopted, such as steel plate thickness of 50~300mm, The gap can be designed to be about 13mm, so the amount of deposited metal required is reduced several times or dozens of times, thus greatly improving productivity. The main technical key of narrow gap welding is to ensure the penetration of both sides and the automatic tracking of the arc center on the groove centerline. For this reason, countries around the world have developed a variety of different schemes, so there are a variety of narrow gap welding methods. In electron beam welding, plasma welding and laser welding, butt joints can be used without beveling, so it is a more ideal narrow gap welding method, which is also one of the reasons why it is widely valued. The newly developed laser arc hybrid welding method can improve the welding speed, such as 5mm steel plate or aluminum plate, the welding speed can reach 2~3m/min, obtain good forming and quality, and the welding deformation is small

2. Improving the mechanization and automation level of the preparation workshop is the key development direction of the world's advanced industrial countries. In order to improve the production efficiency and quality of welded structures, there are certain limitations only starting from the welding process, so countries all over the world pay special attention to the technical transformation of workshops. The main processes of the preparation workshop include material transportation, material surface degreasing, sand blasting, and coating protective paint; Steel plate marking, cutting and beveling; Component assembly and point fixing. The above processes have been mechanized and automated in modern factories. Its advantage is not only to improve the productivity of products, but also to improve the quality of products

3. The automation and intellectualization of welding process is an important direction to improve the stability of welding quality and solve bad working conditions

4. The development of emerging industries continues to promote the progress of welding technology. Welding technology has a history of more than 100 years since its invention. It can almost meet the needs of all important products in the current industry. However, the development of emerging industries still forces the continuous progress of welding technology. The development of microelectronics industry promotes the development of micro connection technology and equipment; For another example, the development of ceramic materials and composites promotes vacuum brazing and vacuum diffusion welding. Performance test of tape for aerospace technology: development will also promote the development of space welding technology

5. The research and development of heat source is the fundamental driving force to promote the development of welding technology. Almost all available heat sources in the world are used in the welding process, including flame, arc, resistance, ultrasonic, friction, plasma, electron beam, laser beam, microwave, etc. (our company mainly focuses on arc welding and resistance welding automatic welding equipment). The emergence of every heat source in history is accompanied by the emergence of new welding processes. However, so far, the development and research of welding heat source has not ended

6. Energy saving technology is a common concern. As we all know, welding consumes a lot of energy. Take electrode arc welding as an example, each set is about 10KVA, each set of submerged arc welding machine is 90KVA, and each set of resistance welding machine can be as high as thousands of kVA. Many new technologies appear to achieve this energy-saving goal. In resistance spot welding, with the development of electronic technology, changing AC spot welding machine into secondary rectifier spot welding machine can improve the power factor of the welding machine and reduce the capacity of the welding machine. 1000KVA spot welding machine can be reduced to 200KVA, and throwing can achieve the same welding effect. In recent ten years, packaging belts with unique colors and sizes can also be customized. The emergence of inverter welding machine is another successful example. It can reduce the weight of welding machine and improve the power factor control performance of welding machine, which has been widely used in production

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