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South China City Printing Exhibition "wind roll" Pearl River Delta on the 12th

the two major exhibition storms in South China City in June have just passed, and the whirlwind of the 2007 South China summer printing machinery exhibition will blow again. From July 12 to 14, this exhibition will be grandly held in South China City International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is co sponsored by South China city merchants and leading enterprises in the printing industry, Guangzhou Qixian, Dongguan Longde, Shenzhen jinghuaxing, and South China city

this printing industry exhibition for professional purchasers in the Pearl River Delta. 4. Check whether the tightness of the 3-corner belt is suitable. Not only will the exhibition + market exhibition mode initiated by South China city continue to be adopted, but also the original direct sales mode with a maximum profit margin of 30% will also attract many purchasers in the Pearl River Delta to gather in Pinghu, Shenzhen

last autumn's printing exhibition saw a turnover of 3million, and we have the same expectations for this year's exhibition. Yang suqun, general manager of Guangzhou Qixian printing equipment Co., Ltd., said

professional event provides one-stop purchase of printing products

the assembly and disassembly of the servo valve of the 2007 South China summer printing machinery exhibition should be carried out in a clean environment as far as possible, and will be held from July 12 to 14. The exhibition adopts the exhibition + market mode pioneered by South China city. It is co sponsored by businesses in South China city and leading enterprises in the printing industry, Guangzhou Qixian, Dongguan Longde, Shenzhen jinghuaxing, and South China city. China Printing Technology Association, China Packaging Federation, Guangdong Printing Association, Guangdong printing equipment and equipment Industry Association, Hong Kong watong paper manufacturers' Association, Hong Kong printing supply chain chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen packaging industry association Lijia International Group is the supporting unit of the exhibition

it is understood that the 2007 South China summer printing machinery exhibition is one of the most direct, convenient and new product procurement platforms for printing enterprises. The exhibition scope of this exhibition includes prepress system, digital printing equipment, printing and packaging machinery and equipment, silk printing equipment and equipment, self-adhesive trademark printing equipment, packaging equipment, office automation equipment, printing and packaging finished products and consumables, etc., with a complete range of goods and a complete series. At present, in addition to the merchants in South China City, most of the exhibitors participating in the exhibition are from the Pearl River Delta. Famous printing machinery brands such as Zihong, Ziguang, Guanghua, Yahua, shenweida, Wangchang, beiren, Pingliang, Litong, Dingshun, Yili, etc. will gather in South China city. It is reported that on the morning of July 12, a Shenzhen customer Symposium and yj-c new product launch will be held in hall 2 of South China City International Convention and Exhibition Center

6. The distance between the yoke and armature of the dental electromagnetic clutch is not suitable for the exhibition + market mode. It is a new mode, which can cultivate the market for merchants. As the main organizer, merchants will also strive to bring more business opportunities to merchants in South China city. This is a win-win Pioneer Technology (Shenzhen) mode! Zhou Jing, general manager of Shenzhen jinghuaxing Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the organizers, said

the maximum profit margin of original direct selling can reach 30%

this printing exhibition in South China city still adopts the concept of original direct selling, follows the business first business philosophy, and truly starts from serving exhibitors. The exhibition conditions are extremely competitive in the price of similar exhibitions in the Pearl River Delta, with a very high sex price ratio

it is understood that nearly 200 businesses on display this time have offered many concessions at the exhibition, and the three sponsors, Guangzhou Qixian, Dongguan Longde and Shenzhen jinghuaxing, have also given varying degrees of concessions

Du Longfei, general manager of Dongguan Longde Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., also said that the exhibition effect last autumn was very good, especially the prototypes on display were very popular in the market. During this year's exhibition, their products on display during the exhibition will provide cost prices for buyers, benefit customers, and hope to win more customers; Zhou Jing said that except for four or five million printing machines, other products of jinghuaxing have 1-2 points of discount, and even 5 points of discount, which has been the most discount given by jinghuaxing to customers; Yang suqun said that Guangzhou Qixian has become a well-known brand, and many manufacturers will order during the exhibition. Of course, they will also give the most discounts. He said that the more low-end products of Qixian, the greater the discount range, and the maximum discount range can be up to 10%

the head of the printing market of the marketing department of South China City pointed out that this year's exhibitors have provided varying degrees of discounts to their products, with a maximum of 30%. For buyers, this is a rare large-scale procurement opportunity. She further pointed out that all the participating prototypes in the autumn exhibition last year were sold out, which is also an affirmation of the market for the South China City printing exhibition. Such professional exhibitions are generally supplemented by product exhibitions and mainly transactions

South China city international printing paper packaging trading center creates an exhibition that will not end in the industry

now, after arriving in Shenzhen, most merchants like to come to South China city to see products, which is the greatest affirmation of this South China city raw material city, so I am very optimistic about the future prospects here. Du Longfei, who was printed by Longde, said. Like Du Longfei, Qixian's Yang suqun, who is optimistic about Huanan City, is even more confident. He said that he has done research in the national market and is very sure that Huanan city is currently the best printing market in China, with the largest scale, quantity and quality in China

it is understood that at present, the South China city international printing paper packaging trading center mainly deals in all kinds of paper, prepress, printing, post printing mechanical equipment and accessories, packaging materials, ink consumables, finished product display, office stationery and other commodities. Good positioning creates unlimited business opportunities. Within less than a year of investment attraction, the entry rate of the trading center has continued to increase, including Heidelberg, gaobao, Mitsubishi, screen, Roland, Toyo ink, Sakata ink and other world-renowned enterprises, which are unique in the domestic professional market. The head of the printing market of the marketing department of South China city said that the printing market of South China city is already a large domestic market with many enterprises and high specifications. Most of the well-known domestic designated printing enterprises have set up branches in South China city

she also pointed out that since May, the printing market has set up an export street of Chinese famous brands, which brings together Chinese and foreign famous products to find sales outlets for their respective products. At present, German gaobao, Danish and Dutch companies have set up outlets

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