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South Guangdong Futures: the Shanghai fuel oil market opened higher at the beginning of the day and kept the long thinking

NYMEX crude oil futures hit a new high overnight. Affected by Mexico's reduction in oil exports, Mexico closed three crude oil export ports in the Gulf of Mexico, which triggered new supply concerns. That night, crude oil closed up $2.03 to $113.79 in May, a new record closing high. The inventory data of the previous week will be released later on Wednesday, and the market is expected to be positive and negative, Technically, crude oil remained strong. On Wednesday, Shanghai fuel oil closed up in a volatile manner. Fu806 opened slightly higher in the morning than yesterday's close, and opened higher at the beginning of the session. However, the late price of probe 4507 surged and fell back, and then fell below the opening price in the afternoon, reaching a minimum of 4474. It rebounded slightly, and closed slightly higher than the opening price, rising 11 points at 4485. The transaction shrank significantly and 958 positions were reduced. Today, the wood pulp numbered 47 in Shanghai hit 25%, 20% and 5% of the tariff, and the fuel oil ended higher. Encouraged by the new record high of crude oil in the outer market, the fuel oil in Shanghai was less resilient than crude oil. The main reason was that the most common way for people to test the hardness of steel was to file on the edge of the workpiece with a file. Judging by the depth of the scratches on its surface, the high and low gas of its hardness had not been recovered, and the transaction was significantly reduced, Although there is great pressure near the previous historical high, if the crude oil price continues to rise, Shanghai fuel oil will have great potential to make up for the rise. Operation suggestions: keep thinking long

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