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Nanhai successfully developed a water-soluble coating and won the provincial scientific and technological achievements

Nanhai successfully developed a water-soluble coating and won the provincial scientific and technological achievements

August 3, 2006

tap water can be directly used. We mix and process the crosslinked PE with low activity and the PE material of hollow blow molding products with good activity, and its performance is better than general oil-based paint, This new type of environmental protection coating, called "water-based modified polyester rust proof paint", has been successfully developed in the South China Sea recently. On July 28, the project successfully passed the appraisal of the scientific and technological achievements appraisal expert group of the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province, and became a provincial scientific and technological achievement

replacing organic solvents with water is non-toxic

the biggest breakthrough of this new environmental protection coating is that it can be blended directly with water without using organic solvents with pungent odor and toxicity such as Tianna water and boiled oil and water

according to relevant experts, Tianna water is a toxic chemical, and oily paint used on rusty iron parts needs to be rusted or phosphated in advance. There is secondary pollution in the whole coating process, and a large amount of waste gas and benzene substances in waste water will also damage human immune function. This kind of water-based coating with acrylic acid as raw material is non-toxic and harmless. The viscosity of the paint can be adjusted by using tap water. In case of rusty iron parts, there is no need to rust or phosphatize, so it can be painted directly

it is worth mentioning that although various water-soluble coatings have been developed abroad, they cannot be applied on a large scale because of various "hard injuries". Either the production cycle is too long, or the conversion efficiency is too low, or the cost is too high. In order to solve this series of problems, the development of local water-soluble coatings can be described as painstaking. In three years, the raw materials were changed from acrylic acid to water-based resin, which realized the effective cost control of the steel hammer electronic universal experimental machine, which was specially designed and developed according to the mechanical property test of the lengthening industrial chain of the steel hammer, while all kinds of properties were optimized

the water resistance is 30 times higher than the national standard

at the appraisal meeting last Friday, the leader of the appraisal expert group Professor luzejian of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Sun Yat sen University also made such an assessment: "decomposition with water eliminates the presence of toxic and harmful substances when used, and belongs to an environmental friendly coating. This water-based paint has better performance than ordinary oil-based paint, and its indicators fully meet the requirements of the hardness, adhesion and stability of oil-based paint, and some indicators even far exceed."

it is understood that this kind of coating can be directly sprayed on metal devices to protect them from water invasion. This performance index has been improved by 30 times compared with the national standard, and the salt water resistance has also been improved by 10 times. Why is the price of the testing machine different?, It can be used as automobile coating, ship coating and other metal coating. Due to the cheap and easy availability of raw materials and the sharp decline in costs, the three manufacturers currently in use believe that both quality and price are better than oily paint

the expert group proposed that there is a lot of room for the promotion of this environmentally friendly coating, and suggested that it be put into production on a large scale, so that it can become the mainstream of the coating market as soon as possible. Foshan Science and Technology Bureau said that coating is a conventional industry, and the injection of innovative elements can promote and develop the industry. The new process coating invented this time is a good innovation project with good development space

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