Production and sales of PVC enterprises nationwide

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Last week, the production and sales of PVC enterprises nationwide

Qilu Petrochemical: the sales situation is normal and the production is stable. The price remains at yuan/ton

Beijing Chemical II: normal production

Hebei Baoshuo: PVC prices are stable and supply and demand are balanced; The sales situation of liquid chlorine is good

Haval: except for the low price of hydrochloric acid and the rise of inventory, other products are selling well

Xi'an Chemical Industry: local sales have not improved, mainly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and there is no inventory pressure

Yibin Tianyuan: now it is the dry season of water conservancy, and the power is quite tight. The start-up of the raw material plant and the production plant is limited by one of the TPU manufacturers with the longest history and the largest range, with a load of 20%. The market price in Chongqing and Chengdu is 6000 yuan/ton

Suzhou HuaSu: it has officially started on the 13th, and there is no inventory pressure

Canghua group: the quotation this week reached 6400 yuan/ton, and there was no goods available

Nanning Chemical: the goods before January 5 have been pre sold in advance. The carbide inventory of surrounding enterprises can only maintain production for a few days. Sales of liquid caustic soda are normal, and chlorine and acid are tight

Henan Aerospace: understand the environmental pollution problems of this industry in all links, and the local demand can't keep up, and it is still mainly sold in other provinces. The price of caustic soda fell rapidly

southeast Electrification: the quotation continues to rise, the production and sales are balanced this month, and the inventory is low. Other chlor alkali products that have fallen rapidly are still slowly rising

Hangzhou Dianhua: since the price increase on the 15th, the market situation is good, and it is expected that the subsequent market will still rise

BOC electrochemical: the PVC market is good this week, with stable production and sales; The supply of liquid chlorine is tight; Other products are general. 100000 tons of caustic soda operated normally, and PVC expansion was carried out in a normal and orderly manner

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