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Production and sales of major domestic PVC enterprises

Qilu Petrochemical: supply is tight, and there is no goods available. Normal production. Hebei Baoshuo: if PVC is a new equipment just purchased or a fatigue testing machine that has not been used for a long time, the production is normal and the supply is tight. Beijing Chemical II: normal production. Haval: the sales situation is in a stable state, and there are smooth changes. It is mainly affected by domestic and international factors. The market in Northeast China has increased in the upsurge of price hikes by PVC resin manufacturers across the country. Yibin Tianyuan: it will be overhauled for two days from the 14th, and it is expected to resume normal production next week. Southeast Electrification: the market is enthusiastic about rising prices and buying and selling enthusiastically. There are few sources of goods from other provinces. HuaSu chemical: it officially stopped on the 8th and is expected to open on the 23rd. Canghua group: inventory is low and sales are suspended. To see the future. Tianjin Dagu: no inventory pressure, normal production

this not only reveals the essence of the concept and the implementation principle

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