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With the shrinking demand for color crystal glass panels, manufacturers actively responded to the recession in 2012, but color crystal glass panel manufacturers failed to look forward to the opportunity to breathe. Although the home appliance market has recovered, the trend pursued by consumers and machine manufacturers seems to have passed. Since LG introduced the color crystal glass panel refrigerator into the Chinese market in 2007, this unique design has captured the hearts of countless consumers. Color crystal glass panel has also become a common element in the appearance design of high-end refrigerators. It has been popular in the industry for many years and once occupied 30% of the refrigerator market share. However, as the manufacturing process of composite VCM board for home appliance appearance is becoming more and more mature, its expressiveness in color, pattern and texture is becoming richer and richer, and the preferences of consumers and machine manufacturers have shifted. In 2013, the application of VCM board continued to increase. In the face of renewed pressure from strong rivals, the days of color crystal glass panel manufacturers became more difficult, and 30% of the market share was facing the crisis of loss

uncertain future

during the interview with electrical appliances, it was found that there are two completely different views on the future of color crystal glass panels in the household appliance industry

"soon, the color crystal glass panel will no longer be the mainstream of the market." Some insiders believe that: "Even LG and Samsung, the two brands that first chose color crystal glass panels, have changed their 'routines'. Among the products launched on the market in 2013, the proportion of models using color crystal glass panel design has decreased significantly, and the proportion of VCM boards has increased significantly, especially for high-end models. These two brands have introduced stainless steel texture and exquisite decorative panel design, which directly reflects the changes of market fashion trends. Household appliance industry, appearance design The phenomenon of following the trend is very common. The transformation of LG and Samsung is likely to affect the entire industry, and the production of color crystal glass panels may face a sharp decline. "

"the color crystal glass panel is highly recognized in the Chinese market, and the supporting demand of the whole machine factory will further increase." Most color crystal glasses cooperate with each other, and the use of electronic device densitometers is very good. Glass panel enterprises are still optimistic. The person in charge of a color crystal glass panel enterprise said: "Chinese consumers like the crystal clear texture of glass and the luxury and atmosphere of home appliances equipped with color crystal glass panels. VCM panels can achieve decorative effects of leather, metal, fabric, stone and other textures through the coating process, but they can't imitate glass, which makes color crystal glass still have a certain competitiveness in the application field of home appliance panels. At present, Bosch, Siemens, Haier, Midea and other brands are in the market Among the products sold on the market, a considerable part of them choose colored crystal glass panels. "

industry status quo

"In the home appliance market, the color crystal glass panel is indeed not as popular as it was in the previous two years. Initially, the color crystal glass panel was used by first-line brands for high-end product design, which can be said to be a symbol of the 'identity' of home appliances. However, with the second and third tier machine brands using color crystal glass in a large number of product production processes, the market has done a little 'rotten', and color crystal glass has lost the function of helping the machine brand 'stand out' in the market, which has become a lot of first-line products One of the factors that make the brand 'indifferent' to the color crystal glass panel. " A person in charge of purchasing of a complete machine factory told electric appliance

2013 saw an overall decline in the scale of the color crystal glass panel industry. The controlled full biodegradable film farmland utilization experiment undertaken by the Pingquan County agricultural comprehensive technology implementation center was highly praised by experts from the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the national agricultural technology implementation service center, the China Association of agricultural plastics utilization technology and other pre meeting experts. Some enterprises chose to withdraw from the competition, and the enterprises participating in the competition were divided into two levels, The scale varies widely, from large factories with an annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan, which supply goods to the whole household appliance industry, to small factories with an annual output value of tens of millions, which only produce supporting products for a few brands

Jiangsu xiuqiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd., which has been established since 2001, can be regarded as the largest processed glass manufacturer in China at present. It has four divisions: touch screen division, photovoltaic division, household appliance division and special glass division, and mainly produces nearly 1000 varieties of six series, including touch screen cover glass, thin film battery (TCO) glass, photovoltaic coated glass (AR), ITO glass, household appliance color crystal glass and household glass. As a listed company, the financial statements released by xiuqiang on September 30, 2013 showed that the operating income of xiuqiang from January to September was 566 million yuan, which was much lower than the operating income of 620 million yuan in the same period of 2012. However, according to insiders of the enterprise, home appliance color crystal glass is the main profit support of the company, and it is expected that the growth rate of this part of business in 2013 will be 30%. In this regard, the person in charge of xiuqiang glass expressed cautious optimism in an interview with electric appliance, He said: "Color crystal glass has been widely used in household appliances, which means that enterprises have to redouble their efforts at every step. Although the economic recovery in 2013, the domestic glass deep processing industry is facing greater difficulties and challenges. First, customers have higher and higher requirements for the grade of glass panels, but the supply price is getting lower and lower; second, the homogenization competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, the short-term strategic focus of xiuqiang glass will be on Technology research and development, quality control and cost control, take out high-quality and high value-added products to occupy the market and achieve better and longer-term development. "

Zhang Jing, deputy general manager of Jiangyin Hengfeng Plastic Glass Co., Ltd., also felt that the production and marketing of Caijing glass panels in 2013 was not very ideal, but he believed that this was caused by the farewell of the whole household appliance industry to the rapid development, and the Caijing glass panel industry itself still had good development prospects. At present, Hengfeng Plastic glass can produce 1.2 million sets of colored crystal glass for refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machine panels per year. Two production bases have been set up in Chuzhou, Anhui Province and Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, which can complete a full set of processing processes such as glass chip slicing, edging, tempering, coloring printing and drying. "There are not many manufacturing enterprises in the industry that can complete the whole set of color crystal glass panel processing technology." Zhang Jing said

some color crystal glass panel production enterprises with an annual output value of tens of millions of yuan are scattered around various household appliance production areas. Li Bai, who once worked in Hengfeng Plastic glass, is currently investing in the construction of a factory in Zhejiang to produce color crystal glass panels for refrigerators, washing machines and small household appliances. Nanjing Huikang glass products Co., Ltd., with an annual output value of 50million ~ 60million yuan, achieved a small increase in annual sales in 2013, and mastered the processing technology of curved surface and special arc colored crystal glass, forming its own characteristics. According to dongqinghua, general manager of Kunshan Zhouzhuang Kunshen glass products Co., Ltd., "at present, the production scale of Kunshen glass is 200000 ~ 300000 square meters of color crystal glass per year, which is mainly supplied to some second and third tier brands. From the production and sales situation from January to October, Kunshen glass will maintain a steady growth in 2013."

how to break the ice

"electric appliance" learned that in the face of market pressure, the response ideas of color crystal glass panel manufacturers are clear and consistent. The heads of enterprises have said that to expand the past "Xiongfeng" must start from three aspects: first, expand the application field, second, step up product innovation, and third, serve the whole machine factory well

according to reports, xiuqiang glass has 3 invention patents related to color crystal glass and 11 appearance patents. The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said: "In the future, based on the appearance decoration, the color crystal glass panel produced by xiuqiang glass will be committed to the combination of function and appearance to ensure the quality of product packaging, and the application field will continue to expand and upgrade. We will not only provide customers with high-quality application solutions and services from the Perspective of customers, but also further meet the needs of end users and provide consumers with healthy, practical and cost-effective products."

glory (Tianjin) Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 8million square meters of polycrystalline glass, and has complete production equipment for glass processing, coating, tempering and silk printing, Song Xinjun, the general manager of the company, said in an interview with electric appliance: "the situation is not optimistic. The sluggish market demand is a severe test for the entire polycrystalline glass industry, and the industry is facing a reshuffle. In 2013, glory glass actively expanded the scope of use of polycrystalline glass and continuously upgraded the production process of polycrystalline glass."

in 2013, Hengfeng Plastic glass strengthened the promotion and sales of color crystal glass panels for the subdivided application fields of washing machines, with good results, which drove the overall business growth of the company. Zhang Jing said, "the proportion of washing machine color crystal glass panel business in Hengfeng Plastic glass's overall business has increased, and the annual supply will be about 500000 sets. Although the processing technology of washing machine and refrigerator color crystal glass panel is similar, special attention should be paid to the performance guarantee of washing machine color crystal glass in terms of high temperature resistance, humidity resistance and so on."

"it is also very important to cooperate with the whole machine factory and jointly research and develop. We must fully understand the design requirements of the whole machine factory and actively cooperate to modify the technical parameters of color crystal glass, so that the color crystal panel will always maintain the most ideal decorative effect in the actual use process in the future." Zhang Jing further introduced, "for example, the colorful crystal glass panel of the refrigerator is directly in contact with the foaming layer of the refrigerator. The foaming agent formula used by each complete machine factory is not exactly the same, and some may affect the color of the colorful crystal glass panel. Therefore, we should repeatedly assist the complete machine factory in testing until we find the most ideal state of the colorful crystal glass panel." Zhonghua glass () Department

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