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Production and sales of domestic PE manufacturers in a week (4.15-19)

Daqing Petrochemical: the market is generally weak, and the demand has not improved significantly. Daqing Petrochemical plans to overhaul the unit on May 10, with a planned overhaul period of 25 days. Plastic products will be produced in about a month. At present, the price remains stable. High voltage currently produces 18d0, two low-voltage lines produce 5000S, one line produces 2200j, and the linear production is changed to 7042

Yanhua company: the price has not changed, and the products are unsalable. The new high-voltage products are subject to the policy of no discount interest for acceptance (6 months). At present, the low-pressure production is 5000S and 6100m; High pressure equipment, 1c7a, 1f7b and 1i2a-1; The new high voltage device produces LD100

Shanghai Petrochemical: the ex factory price has not changed, and the sales are not smooth. The 700000 T/a ethylene plant has been successfully commissioned, and the new HDPE Plant is being commissioned

Yangzi Petrochemical: the ex factory price remains unchanged, the products are unsalable, and the inventory, such as in South America, Australia and even Europe and America, has increased. The unit produces 5000S and 7000F

Maoming Petrochemical: the ex factory price has not been adjusted, the sales are not smooth, and the linear device is converted to 7042

Lanzhou Petrochemical: Recently, the PE market price in the province has been seriously inverted, but the original selling price has remained unchanged after receiving the instruction of PetroChina, so the current sales are difficult and the inventory has increased rapidly. The linear device switched to 60550a340 wood coating hazardous material g (note plastic) the day before yesterday

Jihua company: the unit operated at low load and stopped for overhaul on May 5. The ex factory price remains unchanged, and the sales are average

Panjin Ethylene: two lines produce hd5070. The sales situation is not good, and the price of PetroChina and Sinopec can't hold up. If a new policy is introduced, it is expected that the market will decline. 5070 implements the policy of delivery before settlement, and the sales are OK

Dushanzi Petrochemical: double line production of injection plastic hd6070, poor sales

Fushun ethylene: normal production, factory price reduction, sales difficulties. The unit is planned to be overhauled in July

Jinfei Petrochemical: the price has not been adjusted, and the sales are not smooth. The unit continues to operate at low load

Zhongyuan Petrochemical: linear sales are difficult, inventory continues to rise, and has switched to HDPE injection plastic 8007. The unit is scheduled to be shut down for maintenance on April 22

Tianjin Lianhua: the price has not changed, and the product is unsalable. The linear import price in Tianjin port is relatively chaotic, generally around yuan/ton, and the port has little stock. The unit is planned to be shut down for minor repair in June for about 10 days

Guangzhou Petrochemical: the Guangdong market stopped falling and stabilized last weekend. The transaction was completed. The machine adopts the exchange frequency division stepping speed regulation electromechanical and exchange digital servo speed regulation system as the driving device, which has been amplified, and will continue to be sorted out at a low level this week. At present, the production is normal and the inventory is high, but the ex factory price remains unchanged

Qilu Petrochemical: the ex factory price remains basically unchanged, for some 6 Monitor the experimental process: the experimental force, deformation, displacement, curve and other parameters in the experimental process can be displayed in real time to maintain the value of sales. Due to the low load of ethylene plant, the load of linear plant will also be reduced, and it is ready to switch to HDPE; High pressure production tn26; High density production 6098 and 2480

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