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Experience of binding process production

since our factory purchased and applied the Shenzhen precision jbb50-b binding machine in January 2000, the binding quality of books and periodicals has been greatly improved, and there have never been quality failures such as loose sticking, falling pages, and connecting pages. Reviewing the application experience of binding process in our factory, the author thinks it is necessary to talk about some experience, especially one year after the rapid growth in 2012, for peer reference

I. formulate strict process plans and measures before binding

use the binding process to order books. The original film version without milling back allowance must be re assembled to ensure that the printing position of the layout meets the process requirements. Therefore, in order to ensure product quality, more time and energy should be spent before printing, and the layout position of each film version should be adjusted accordingly, so that the back of the book milling can meet the process requirements. In addition, for individual plates with large size, if conventional folio paper is used for printing, the size of the paper will affect the milling back due to a slight shortage after removing the edge of the mouthpiece paper. In this case, the full open paper can be cut into two different specifications of folio paper. For example, one half of the full open paper can be cut into large folio paper for printing the full version of the printing sheet, and the other half can be cut into small folio paper for printing the non full version of the printing sheet, This not only meets the technological requirements of back milling, but also ensures the quality of printing and binding

second, control the operation technology and quality

the wireless binding process is different from the iron wire binding process. The book block adopts hot melt adhesive bonding cost, and its process characteristics put forward higher requirements for the specification, folding accuracy, binding, compaction, milling back of the book block, otherwise it is easy to produce a series of chain quality failures. Therefore, strengthening the quality control of semi-finished products is very important to ensure the binding quality

1. Use a die-cutting machine to cut the cover, so that the spine of the cover can be pasted accurately.

the cover of books and periodicals generally adopts multi combination printing, and the film covering layer on the cover is relatively smooth. If you directly use a paper cutter to cut into a single version, the upper and lower paper is easy to produce specification errors, and the spine text will also produce left and right deviation after wrapping, affecting the appearance quality of books. In this regard, the die-cutting process can be used to indent and cut the cover, so that the cover specification can be cut more accurately to ensure the accuracy of the package

2. Check the quality of folding to avoid quality problems such as loose pages or continuous pages after binding due to folding deviation.

as we all know, the binding process must mill the book post into single pages, so that the glue can penetrate and stick firmly, so that the book block will not fall out. However, the size of the back milling volume of the book is limited by the paper and layout specifications, and there is a certain limit. If the folding deflects or there is a gap between each fold, the back milling cannot reach the inner page, which is easy to cause quality problems such as page falling; If the folding deviation is serious, it will also cause the folding trimming is not in place, resulting in page connecting and other faults. The quality of the folding link should be strictly controlled. It is required to fold every fold accurately and firmly during the folding operation, so as not to cause hidden dangers to the subsequent processing. If there is any deviation in the folding, it should be reworked in time

3. Check the quality of the binding adhesive back process to prevent quality problems caused by poor milling back

binding is a process that has a great impact on the binding quality, and quality control is very important. After breaking through, carefully check the book block binding the adhesive back. If you find that there is a book post that cannot break through, loosen it and then apply the adhesive back. In addition, an inspection should also be carried out when dividing the books, and the uneven books should be torn off and reworked, so as to avoid the quality hidden dangers and scattered pages caused by the uneven books breaking behind the binding glue

4. Reasonably grasp the amount of back milling to prevent quality problems caused by improper back milling

back milling process is an important part of the quality control of the binding process. Only milling the "ridge" of the book post on the folding line and letting the hot melt glue penetrate into and stick to each page, can we ensure that there will be no loose pages, falling pages, etc. From this point of view, it seems that the more the back milling volume is, the more secure and better the maximum range quality is. In fact, it is not. Because once the amount of milling back is too much, on the one hand, it will increase the working resistance to the milling back knife and slotting knife, which is easy to blunt the knife edge, resulting in the deformation of the back of the book and milling the back of the book, so that the back of the book "eats glue" unevenly and affects the bonding fastness; On the other hand, too much milling back is easy to mill through the bookbinding part. Therefore, under the condition that the book posts are required to be as neat as possible, the back milling amount should be based on the principle of milling the innermost page of the book posts. In addition, in order to achieve a better bonding effect and make the notches of the inside and outside pages of the book post evenly "eat glue", the notches of the milled back should be "U" shaped rather than "V" shaped, so as to avoid the scattered pages of the inside pages due to the small amount of glue in the notches. Therefore, when sharpening the knife, we should pay attention to the appropriate grasp of the knife edge shape

5. Use hot melt adhesive correctly to ensure the binding quality

our factory uses the hot melt adhesive of national starch chemical company. When binding, the temperature of the adhesive is generally controlled at about 170 ℃, and it is carried out when the fluidity and viscosity of the adhesive are relatively normal. If the glue temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the adhesive effect. For example, if the glue temperature is too high, the fluidity of the glue is good, but it is easy to blister and wiredrawing; The temperature is too low, the colloid melts incompletely, the viscosity is insufficient, and the fluidity of the glue is also poor, which is not conducive to achieving uniform gluing and bonding. In order to accurately control the glue temperature, we also use a thermometer to measure the glue temperature at any time, so as to prevent the instrument failure from inaccurate control of the glue temperature and affecting the stability of the glue quality. In addition, in the normal operation process, you should also pay attention to the quality of the glue. For the glue containing impurities or causing large bubbles due to dampness, you should clean it, eliminate impurities, or replace it with a new glue, so as to prevent the aging and failure of the glue from affecting the bonding strength of the binding and better ensure the binding quality

6. Control the operation process to prevent the back from cutting and wrinkling

in order to prevent the back from cutting and wrinkling, which will affect the appearance quality of the finished product, the book block after being flushed, bundled and glued on the back should be repeatedly compacted by the book press to make the book block compact and not easy to deform. In addition, by taking padding measures, the paper presser of the paper cutter cannot press the back of the book, that is, when cutting, put a piece of multilayer cardboard with an appropriate area and a thickness of more than 5mm on the top of each stack of books 1cm away from the back edge of the book, so as to protect the back of the book and prevent wrinkling

third, strengthen quality inspection and control

it is very important to check and control the whole process of product quality to ensure the stability of binding product quality. The quality inspection personnel should carefully check the quality from the source through daily quality inspection and sampling inspection, and check the folding, binding, adhesive back, book pressing and binding on the machine. If any problem is found, it should be corrected in time. If the folding and book block are not well bundled, the rework should be resolutely reworked, and it should be restrained in accordance with the quality management regulations of the factory, so that the operator's consciousness of quality control is greatly enhanced. Due to the strict quality control of our factory, the loose pages of the finished book have never been found in the daily inspection and sampling inspection, and the binding process quality has achieved a relatively stable effect

IV. some quality defects in the binding process need to be eliminated.

since the factory adopted the binding process, it is believed that this process has the advantages of making the edges and corners of the back of the book reach a right angle, square and flat, the amount of paste in the leather bag is stable, and the appearance quality of the finished product is good and beautiful, but there are also some problems in the binding process. For example, the disadvantages of wild glue (also known as pull 2. verification method wire) are difficult to be well controlled and eliminated, and the operation needs to be cleaned frequently, which is labor-consuming and time-consuming; The book clip stroke of the equipment is not stable enough, and the upper and lower positions of the cover and the book block are inaccurate; The durability of machine parts is not satisfactory, for example, the inner side of the splint is prone to wear and affect the quality of milling back, etc. The occurrence of these large and small faults, as well as the rationality of the binding mechanical structure, need to be further studied, improved and solved by relevant manufacturers

in conclusion, through strict and careful control of process technology and operation technology, some defects and faults in the binding process can be prevented and eliminated to the greatest extent, so that the binding quality of books and periodicals can be better improved to meet the requirements of market development

(Kang qilai, Putian printing factory)

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