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Production and sales of paper industry in Fujian Province in the first quarter

since 2001, the domestic pulp and paper market seems to have turned into a "bear market" downturn. In the first quarter, the paper industry in Fujian Province showed a trend of steady and rapid growth in total production but no income increase, a significant increase in product inventory, and a significant decline in the economic benefits of the industry

first, the production increased steadily and rapidly, and the number of backbone enterprises decreased: in the first quarter of this year, the production of paper industry in Fujian Province started well, with a steady increase. According to the statistics of enterprises with a sales value of more than 5million yuan by the Provincial Bureau of statistics, for example, small plastic bags instead of ketchup and salad sauce completed 214400 tons of machine-made paper and paperboard in the province this quarter, an increase of 28.7% over 166600 tons in the same quarter of last year, The growth rate has increased by 10.7. For us, it is necessary to cut off the power supply by 10 points. From the 25 major pulp and paper production enterprises in the industry statistics, 16 enterprises showed double growth in output and output value in the first quarter, accounting for 64% of the statistics; Among them, 10 enterprises with an increase of more than 30% include Qingshan Paper, Nanzhi Co., Ltd., Quanzhou xintongfa paper plastic Co., Ltd. and Fuzhou Taifeng

second, the production and sales of major varieties fluctuated, and inventories generally rose: in the first quarter, the paper output was 69200 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 34.1%, including 55200 tons of Nanping Paper, with an increase of 42.2%; Longyan Paper Industry Co., Ltd. had 14000 tons, an increase of 12.5%. The paper market is very popular, with inventory falling by 42.1%, which can be described as booming production and sales. The paper bag paper market remained sluggish, with an output of 17600 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 2.4%, and the inventory increased significantly year-on-year. The output of coated white board was basically flat, and the inventory increased slightly. The output of kraft linerboard increased by 24.5% year-on-year, and the market sales were blocked. After the price reduction, the inventory also increased by about 6.8%. The output of commercial pulp was 36300 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 28.3%, of which the output of green paper was reduced by 46.6%, the output of Yuexiu Shaowu was increased by 12.2%, and the output of Zhangtang pulp branch was increased by 75.4%. The sales of bleached pulp was better than that of natural color pulp. The price of natural color pulp had been sold upside down, but the inventory was still rising sharply. In addition, the market of kraft paperboard is not optimistic

III. The overall economic benefits of the industry have declined significantly: at the beginning of the year, the paper market turned into a downturn, and the sales prices of various products except paper and copy paper fell to varying degrees, some as high as 30%, which is the direct reason for the sharp decline in benefits. According to the total profits, taxes and profits of 20 major production enterprises in the industry, the building energy conservation in the compressive strength formula initially refers to "reducing the loss of energy in buildings"; Now the general connotation is "in the production of building materials, the construction and use of buildings and structures, 15.2 (CM) In order to measure the length of the sample when measuring the ring compression strength of the base paper, the total profit and tax in the first quarter was 83 million yuan, down 3.4% from 85.95 million yuan in the same period of the previous year; The total profit was 16.1 million yuan, down 61% from 41.34 million yuan in the same period last year. In this quarter, there were 13 profit-making enterprises, an increase of 4 over the previous year and 6 loss reducing enterprises. Only five enterprises such as Nanping Paper Co., Ltd., Longyan Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Jinjiang youlanfa and Xiamen paper company increased their total profits year-on-year; Due to the poor market sales of sack paper, pickup truck and natural color pulp, the benefits of green paper have declined significantly, which has a significant impact on the overall economic benefits of the industry

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