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Taiwan bottle polyester granule production expansion

China's Taiwan region is far from spinning and South Asia. It mainly adopts precision high-pressure oil source as the power source fiber company. It is optimistic about the development prospect of bottle polyester granules and is actively investing in expanding production capacity

Yuanfang plans to spend nearly NT $1billion (NT $34.7 or US $1) next year to expand the production capacity of bottle polyester granules in Shanghai, and transform some production lines of DuPont Suzhou plant, which it acquired, into the production of bottle polyester granules. After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity of Yuanfang's bottle polyester granules in the mainland will reach 500000 tons. With Taiwan's production capacity, Yuanfang will continue to maintain its position as the largest manufacturer of bottle polyester granules in Asia. Nanya plastic has not only changed its polyester yarn production line in Taiwan to produce bottle polyester to avoid explosion or internal corrosion of ester particles, but also invested in setting up a bottle polyester particle factory in Vietnam. At present, the company plans to have a monthly production capacity of 10000 tons in Vietnam. With the monthly production capacity of 16000 tons in Taiwan and 31000 tons in the United States, the total monthly production of paint of South Asia company will reach 57000 tons in small flow

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