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After the central China market coordination meeting, manufacturers will raise prices by 40 yuan within a week

after the regional market coordination meeting in Central China, the manufacturer plans to raise the price by 40 yuan within a week

production enterprises in Central China held a regional market discussion meeting in Changsha, Hunan Province, and believed that with the improvement of the floods in Central China, the Yangtze River waterway transportation will return to a normal state, increasing the number of outward shipments to Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions and Sichuan and Chongqing. The meeting decided to increase the price by 20 yuan on the 23rd. On the 28th, the number of employees exceeded 200, more than 20 yuan because there was no square position when clamping the jaws. After the meeting, manufacturers released price increase information one after another. The main reason for the poor delivery of production enterprises in Central China in the early stage is that there is more precipitation, which affects the quantity of shipping on the Yangtze River. In other regions, the delivery of production enterprises from the warehouse has been basically normal recently, and the spot market price is mainly stable. There is no new change in production capacity. It is expected that the two cold repair and production resumption production lines in East China will have plans for ignition and production resumption in August

cost side:

soda ash:

the factory quotation of the enterprise is stable and low, and the market demand is still low

cost side:

the raw salt market sales slowed down, the supply of goods increased, the supply and demand of manufacturers were relatively balanced, neutral to the soda ash market

supply side:

the domestic soda ash market trend has improved, and the inventory in most regions is better. The extensometer or strain gauge shows the elongation of the standard tensile sample. The manufacturers are more willing to support the price, the price increase is different, and the high price shipment is relatively slow. At present, the southern region is affected by the flood disaster, the market purchasing atmosphere is weak, and the short-term market change will not be too great

demand side:

recently, glass prices have risen steadily, and the consumption of soda ash is expected to increase, but the operating load of soda ash manufacturers is still uncertain. The short-term soda ash spot market may be stable and positive. For example, some manufacturers may further raise prices to drive the market transaction atmosphere. Local low-end prices do not rule out the possibility of a moderate rebound, but there is no condition for a sharp rise. In the later stage, it is still necessary to closely monitor the operating load changes of soda ash manufacturers


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