Most popular evaluation hurom Huiren juice machine

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Evaluate hurom/Huiren Juicer household full-automatic fruit and vegetable multi-function Juicer commercial Juicer e588fr how is it

1. Seeing that this kind of material not only looks no different from wood materials, it has been heavy for a long time, and finally bought it. The red color is very beautiful, the power supply is very satisfied, the juice yield is much, and the operation is easy. Every day, the downstairs and upstairs change places to squeeze juice. It's just that it's troublesome to wash. The shopkeeper gave a lot of gifts. Very solid has become the development direction of contemporary biomedical materials, but practical. Customer service attitude is also very good

2. It's really great. The juicer is very heavy and the workmanship is also great. It should be authentic. The fried juice is very delicious and the sound is not loud. It's a great shopping trip

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