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Evaluation: Hesiod laptop new ultra-thin quad core Game Book Student DIY computer 13 14 inches, okay?

hesiod laptop new ultra-thin quad core Game Book Student Di is an instrument for testing the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load y computer 13 14 inches

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this machine is really good, First of all, when I first got it, I didn't expect that the tool would be so thin after regular inspection. I thought it would be bulky! After using it these days, it's generally good. If I score it, I'll give it 90 points! Customer service is really speechless. I have repeatedly asked questions and answered them one by one patiently. I give full marks for customer service. I am satisfied with this machine! In addition, I put forward a few points for your reference. Without an optical drive, the standby time will indeed be shorter, which may be more than a few minutes an hour Broke the foreign monopoly, launched to check the detailed evaluation and comments, and reduced the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal

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