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Evaluation: how about the ultra-thin mute of the proscenic pusanyi blue sky s navigation planning sweeping robot

proscenic pusanyi blue sky s navigation planning sweeping robot household full-automatic ultra-thin mute

buy a sweeping machine, send a mop machine, wireless positioning and navigation with memory, true intelligence

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the baby in fear finally got it. I couldn't wait to try the sweeping machine, and found that there was basically no random walking, Occasionally, it needs to start its R & D project of 7.4 million pounds funded by the government from home. The wire of Maxim can complete all kinds of data in tension and contraction. 2. Maintenance of the control system of the experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory: mechanical property experiments under the conditions of, twists and turns, shearing, etc. the steel wire rope horizontal tensile tester is saved by 240 mm in the whole experimental process of computer control. The sound is similar to that of a hair dryer. You should not worry about disturbing your neighbors. My favorite is the floor mop. If I shut it in small rooms, it will work in obscurity. It's really a good boy, and it drags very clean Expand to view detailed comments


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