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Evaluation: pre-sale i5 6500/gtx1060 desktop VR water-cooled game DIY how about assembling the computer host

how about using it for a month? Feeling: it feels very good. The heat dissipation system is good. The top of the chassis and the front of the chassis are hollowed out due to obvious short boards, which is convenient for ventilation, but be careful not to drop water on the top. There is a headphone Interface USB interface on the top. It doesn't need to bend down and wipe the chassis for a long time. At present, everything is normal, It will be added in a few months

three month evaluation: Click to view

product parameters:

CPU frequency: 3.0GHz and above

CPU model: i56500 test data deviation

number of CPU cores: four cores

CPU type: intel/Intel Core i5

motherboard brand: gigabyte/Gigabyte

motherboard structure now most deformation units adopt single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converter: m-atx

memory brand: m-atx tigo/jintaike

Memory type: DDR4

memory frequency: 2133m, similar to glass Hz

brand: Jingtian Huasheng

package type: package 1

heat dissipation method: liquid cooling

heat dissipation equipment brand: idcooling

graphics card brand: colorful/seven rainbow

video memory bit width: 192bit

video memory type: gddr5

maximum memory capacity: 32GB

chassis brand: Hu ntkey/Hangjia

chassis structure: ATX

power supply 80plus certification: does not support

power supply products Brand: segotep/Xingu

hard disk brand: samsung/Samsung

hard disk type: solid state hard disk

box material: steel plate

configuration type: crazy game type

applicable brand: Intel

compatible machine Intel model: other/other

motherboard chipset type: intelb150

memory capacity: 8GB

graphics card type: independent graphics card

independent graphics card model: Intel other/other

video memory capacity: 6gb

hard disk capacity: 128gb

optical Drive type: no optical drive

power supply: 400W

quality: brand new

local service: local logistics door-to-door

graphics card series: gtx10606g

display size: excluding display

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