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Comment on Midea water purifier household 600g direct drinking tap water filter reverse osmosis RO water purifier

Midea water purifier has a good reputation in the market. Today, we bring you a new Midea water purifier household 600g direct drinking tap water filter reverse osmosis RO water purifier. How about the function of this water purifier Midea water purifier 600g, and whether it is good? Let's see a brief introduction and personal use experience as follows, Maybe you can help friends in need choose Midea water purifier 600g reference

(check the official quotation of Midea water purifier household 600g tmall, which often leads to inaccurate measurement results)

I. personal experience of Midea water purifier 600g:

this Midea water purifier household 600g water purification effect is really good. A friend bought it newly, and said it is easy to use, and the water quality is good. He recommended it to me. Later, he started this Midea water purifier 600g, which has a good effect, and the peanut shape does not take up space. It is very small, The double outlet design saves water very much. It uses domestic water for washing vegetables and porridge, and drinking water for drinking. The domestic water does not produce waste water, and the waste water from drinking water is indeed not much. The most important thing is that you can check the water quality at any time, and you can change the filter element yourself, which is very good

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II. Detailed configuration parameters of Midea water purifier 600g:

1. Functional features and appearance price: This is a 2019 new peanut 600g can free, which supports instant filtration and drinking, dual water outlet design +1.5:1 wastewater ratio, faster water outlet speed, a cup of water in 10 seconds, more water outlet methods, mineral water pure water open and enjoy, Higher quality net aquatic product yield, more pure water and less waste water The appearance color is white

reference price: ¥ 2998.00

2. Detailed configuration parameters:

Product Name: midea/Midea mrc1882a-60

III. personal use experience evaluation:

1. The water purifier is very good, small in size, small in floor space, and looks like a peanut in appearance. It's good if the size of the mold hole and the door is still correct, with fast water making speed and good water quality. The after-sales service attitude is good, the installer is very professional, and the most important water purifier is not expensive. It has good performance, high cost performance, and is extremely cost-effective

2. I like this water purifier very much. It's convenient, occupies a small space, and now it's the age of intelligence. Of course, I choose smart new technology. Midea is also a big brand, because there are children at home who must install water purifiers. I don't hesitate to choose Midea. At first glance, there are 600g peanuts. I'm determined to have activities to buy it. Customer service is really enthusiastic, including after-sales. It's either experience or recommend it to you

3. The effect is very good. There is no scale in the kettle anymore. The previous water is too dirty, and this small size does not occupy a place. AP retrospective report shows that it is too convenient for P to directly check the water quality and the service life of the filter heart. If there is a baby at home, it must be installed with one filter element, and the filter element can be changed only after two years, which saves money, worry, electricity and stick

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