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Evaluate whirlpool air purifier household living room bedroom formaldehyde haze removal second-hand smoke PM2.5 oxygen bar pro, OK?

whirlpool air purifier household living room bedroom formaldehyde haze removal second-hand smoke PM2.5 oxygen bar Pro

American Centennial brand smart Pro buy again and again get one free, as follows collect user comments, for the reference and comparison of friends in need

start friend evaluation:

friend 1: buy one get one free for the activity money. The feeling of evolution PM2.5 is very obvious. I don't know formaldehyde. After all, only PM2.5 and VOC values are displayed on the panel. In fact, I wonder why the test value is not displayed since it can purify formaldehyde. The other 7 After the test, it can be automatically archived I always open manual archiving together. There is basically a difference in the PM2.5 value between two sets of 2 and 1. Sometimes it is larger. I don't know why. I didn't answer customer service positively. Both intelligent models are sensitive to dust Expand to view more detailed comments

real pictures:

friend 2: the effect is really good, very satisfied with the effect I expected, no noise. The purification area is large, and the other end of the sample can be clamped and mute, and the remote app is super convenient. The purification is also very fast. When it is just turned on, it is orange light, 3 minutes is blue, and 5 minutes is green. The speed is so fast

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configuration parameters:

Product Name: whirlpool/whirlpool wa-70

warranty period: 12 months

brand: whirlpool/whirlpool

model: wa-7001fk

Noise: DB

control method: touch

intelligent type: other

maximum noise: 67db

filter type: composite filter

manufacturer: Shenzhen Hongkang Technology Co., Ltd.

formaldehyde Cadr value: 350 cubic meters/small. It is very convenient to carry out research work with load as a variable.

formaldehyde CCM value: F4 (1500 ≤ m)

energy efficiency level of air purification: high efficiency level

Cadr value of particulate matter: 750 m3/h

CCM value of particulate matter: P4 (12000 ≤ m)

Color Classification: Silver

air volume: 833 m3/h

applicable area: 61m^2 and above

function: regular VOC removal, pollen removal, particulate matter removal, formaldehyde removal, smoke removal, dust removal, sterilization, haze removal, Negative ion sterilization

working principle: activated carbon negative ion HEPA technology

air purification product category: air purifier

air volume: 750 cubic meters/hour

power supply mode: AC

after sales service: national joint insurance

applicable object: home bedroom, living room and office

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