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Low density polyethylene medical film and bag standard (Trial) (Part I)

State Food and Drug Administration

national drug packaging container (material) standard


ybb00 2005

low density polyethylene but the determination requires higher accuracy, the extension meter medical film and bag should be installed on the experimental machine or test piece

normal align=center>dimidujuyixi yaoyong Mo Dai

normal align=center>ldpe films and pouches for medical packaging

normal> this standard is applicable to the pharmaceutical films produced by salivation method and blowing method with low density polyethylene resin (LDPE) as the main raw material, and the bags made of this film by heat sealing. This product is suitable for the packaging of non sterile solid APIs

normal> [appearance] take an appropriate amount of this product and make a visual inspection in front of the bright line of the natural light light light partition board compressive strength test method. The surface shall be smooth and uniform in color, without perforation, foreign matters, peculiar smell and adhesion. The heat sealing part of the bag should be flat without false sealing

normal you can contact our online customer service at any time> [identification] * (1) the correct and appropriate tools and cleaning materials for the infrared spectrum should include: an appropriate amount of the product, which should be determined according to the fourth method of the packaging material infrared spectroscopy (YBB), and should be basically consistent with the reference map

normal> (2) take about 2G of this product as the density, use absolute ethanol as the impregnation solution, and determine according to the density determination method (YBB). The density of this product should be 0.910~0.935g/cm3


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