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Technical safety measures for the construction of the retreating chamber of the 11304 working face

according to the requirements of the production technology KF 2009 No. 099 excavation element sheet, the main and auxiliary winch chamber is constructed from the measuring point n37 of the 11304 return air channel to the South 6.432m, with an azimuth of n=283 ° 56 ′ 53 ″, and a slope of 0 °. In order to ensure the safety of the whole construction process, this technical safety measure is hereby formulated

I. chamber specification:

1. Chamber specification: width × high × Depth =5.0m × 2.7m × 9.0m (net)

2. Jdhb-30 winch foundation specification: long × wide × Depth =3.69m × 3.19m × 1.2m。 The foundation is poured with concrete, and the concrete strength is C20

(attached are the plan and section drawings of 11304 working face withdrawal chamber and jdhb-30 winch foundation construction)

II. Construction method

the withdrawal chamber and jdhb-30 winch foundation are constructed by manual drilling and blasting, and the winch chamber is constructed by artificial acid mucking and endless rope winch mucking

construction process: before construction, first connect the water pipeline of wind (1) to the design position for the manufacturer of the experimental machine, lower the lower side cable of the roadway at the operation site to the roadway floor, and cover it with a coal retaining plate or sheet, so as to prevent the cable from exploding during blasting. The mechanical transmission part of the rubber tensile testing machine can meet the requirements

III. temporary support

four metal front detection beams shall be used for support, each front detection beam shall have at least three rings, and the front detection beam rings shall be hung on the steel belt at the top. It is strictly forbidden to hang the front detection beam rings on the metal, and back them tightly with the back plate

IV. parameters of permanent support and concrete pouring for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulator

1. Parameters of permanent support for withdrawal chamber

top: the top is supported by anchor rod + steel bar + steel belt + anchor cable beam. Top anchor rod φ twenty × 2000mm metal threaded steel anchor rod with row spacing of 800 × 800mm。 use φ Fabrication of 6.5mm reinforcement with hole specification of 100 × 100mm; Steel strip φ 16 round steel welded; Anchor cable φ seventeen point eight × 7000mm steel strand shall be made. The anchor cable beam shall be processed with 11i-steel, with a length of 4600mm. Holes shall be opened in the middle and 300mm from both ends. The row spacing between anchor cables shall be 2000mm

upper part: the upper part anchor bolt adopts φ sixteen × 1600mm round steel fried dough twist anchor rod with row spacing of 800 × 800mm; The specification of plastic steel is 10000 × 1500mm, the short side shall be overlapped, and the upper side of the plastic steel shall be connected with the top metal by 14\

RFID technology needs to start from the following four aspects

two groups of "one beam and three cables" shall be added at the opening of the chamber to strengthen the support. The anchor cable beams shall be constructed side by side. The spacing between the anchor cables is 2.2M, the length of the anchor cable beam is 5.0m, and the anchor cable holes shall be constructed at 300mm inward from the middle and both ends of the beam; The spacing between two groups of anchor cable beams at the opening is 300mm

2. Pouring concrete parameters

pouring concrete foundation: the winch foundation is constructed by pouring concrete. The mixing ratio (mass ratio) of pouring concrete is cement: water: Sand: Stone =1:0.44:2.03:2.19 (the on-site mixing ratio is 6.5 bags of cement with a cart of sand and a cart of stone), the water cement ratio is 0.44, and the concrete grade is C20

a layer of metal is laid at the bottom of the foundation, and the specification of the metal hole is 150 × 150mm, set 15 ground anchors with specification of φ twenty × 1500mm, with supporting plate required. The exposed length of anchor rod is 500mm. The ground anchor shall avoid the position of reserved hole

v. ballast loading

(1) withdrawing the foundation ballast of the chamber and Winch: manually loading the slag to the mine car - to 11304 air lane through endless rope winch - +1070m yard - auxiliary inclined shaft - ground

VI. ventilation

the length of the chamber is 9000mm. 5.5kW local ventilator is used for air supply, and the air volume is 90-186m3/min; It is installed in the 11304 cutting face, 15m away from the upper opening of 11304 cutting

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