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Safety technical measures for replacing the rocker arm of the unit in the fully mechanized mining face

1. Before construction, the unit shall be stopped at the tail of the working face. After the work is cleared, the person in charge of power cut and transmission shall cut off the power of the unit and the work slide switch, hang the power cut board, and assign special personnel to watch

2. Separate the isolating knife of the unit, which has a history of 510 years, and remove the clutch

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3. Well prepared maintenance tools, lifting tools (the bearing capacity must meet the load requirements), and spare parts that meet the requirements

II. Construction sequence:

1. Grind the triangle at the tail, feed and maintain the top plate, ensure that the distance from the unit to the coal wall is not less than 1.2m, and the length from the tail to the head is not less than 12m (8 sets), and the height shall be subject to the ability to lift the rocker arm and take out the fixing pin

2. The experimental machine for coal upper taping and sticking pillar shall have the function of fixing clamps, two for each frame, and the anti falling rope shall be fastened. The upper part shall be backed up with a back plate. Replace the column in the air return roadway and nail the tunnel to the tail of the machine. When support needs to be strengthened, additional measures must be specified

3. Turn the unit to the tail. First remove the drum and drag it to a safe place without affecting the access rocker arm. Remove the cutting motor and place it in a safe place

the cost of infrastructure protection and water supply and electricity transfer in the residential area of employees each year is up to 30million yuan. 4. Hoist the rocker arm of the unit with a guide chain to ensure its firmness. Remove the three large pins that fix the rocker arm. At least two 3T guide chains shall be used to hang the rocker arm to level the rocker arm

5. Remove the rocker arm and drag it to a safe place at the tail

6. Install a new rocker arm, and install the drum and cutting motor

7. Conduct a comprehensive inspection, tighten the screws at all parts, clean the site and conduct power on commissioning after confirmation

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